Carto Hack: Mapping Water Depth with Opacity

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To my eye, calm, clear, seas have a distinct look to them. A shallow aqua that deepens to blue. The gradual reduction of seafloor clarity at greater depths. A faint web-like reflective surface.

Reef Photo by Mark A. Wilson, Wikipedia.

la_table_02 It doesn’t even have to be a real aqua environment, as artist Alexandre Chapelin shows us.

But maps that I see of the oceans, or deeper waters, don’t really look like that. For all the efforts in getting brown-to-green terrestrial colors and textures just so, the glassy, translucent, semi-transparent medium of the oceans seem neglected by comparison.

Here is a How-To for creating some oceanic cartography for the sheer aesthetics of it, which you can take for whatever it’s worth.

A hillshaded surface is the first step in getting a rich texture to underpin the bathymetry we’ll use in the following steps. Feel free to just get lost in the awesome…

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