Detale z kolejnej „Biblii Pauperum” z XIV wieku. Tym razem księga sporządzona prawdopodobnie dla dworu Małgorzaty z Kleve:

informacja ze strony Biblioteki Brytyjskiej

Biblia Pauperum, a picture Bible including a series of images of the life of Christ with Old Testament prefigurations, with three miniatures on every recto. Each miniature of the Christological cycle is accompanied by bust-length portraits of apostles and prophets holding scrolls and corresponds to typological miniatures.The subjects depicted in the three miniatures are explained in short leonine hexameters beneath the central image from the Christological cycle, incipit: ‚Unde versus vipera vim’. The prose text on each side of the typological miniatures is a paraphrase of relevant biblical excerpts, incipit: ‘Legitur in Gen. 2o capitulo’. Each verso includes a rubric relating to the central miniature.Originally, the leaves of this manuscript were folded into three, with the sewing between the first and the second miniature, and rubrics announcing the subjects on verso of the first miniature, but the manuscript was rebound in its present oblong format with the leaves unfolded. This is the only known surviving manuscript in this format, and is also unique in its painted rather than pen and wash illustrations of the text.Decoration: 93 miniatures in colours and gold. Text in red, blue or gold. Instructions to illuminators in Dutch on some versos. Underdrawings partly visible. The illustrations are attributed to the Master of the Hours of Margaret of Cleves.



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